Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Every year the Bayview Chamber of Commerce sponsors a Christmas for the young and young of heart at the Bayview Community Center. This year was no different and it seems all those who attend enjoyed an evening of Christmas carols plus a visit with Santa before he embarked on his long journey. Three of his helpers, Judy, Jenny, and Ted, started the evening with carols. All gathered around the outside Christmas tree while waiting for Santa to arrive, the lighting of the festive tree created a collective exclamation of joy from those present.              

                                                                      Courtesy of Mike Maxson

                Santa does not always need a chimney to come to visit, so he arrived with ease to spend the evening talking to the children gathered for the occasion. Listening carefully, Santa made note of Christmas wishes, to include requests from those who are young at heart! A wish for new Mercedes was on one of these ladies Christmas list                                           

         All of the children received a small gift from Santa, the children taking delight in Santa’s presence on this night before Christmas.


            So this is the tale of Christmas at the Center, another successful event! Many thanks to the absolutely awesome volunteers who helped make this a success: Santa of course, Marsha, Ken and Marilyn, Jamie, Jim, and Alex, Dennis and Sue, Judy and Dave, Ted and Bev, Jenny and Bob, Tom and Jackie, Chauncey, and many others. We all enjoyed the cookies, coffee, and cocoa!

“Here comes Santa Claus, here comes Santa Claus,Right down Santa Claus lane!”

Pictures were taken by Tom Lloyd, please contact Norma Jean @ 683-1980 or if you would like a copy of your child pictures.
Merry Christmas to All,

Norma Jean


  1. How much is Tom charging for pictures? Not sure if he got one of Alex. Thanks - Jamie

  2. I think we have a picture of Alex and definitely one of you. I sent an email to you. Did not check blog for comments.


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