Thursday, December 12, 2013

New Look and LOU

Thought I would try this new template, let me know how you like it!!!

A word from Jackie concerning LOU!

Hi all, next week, the 18th is the last LOU of the year.  We will reconvene on Jan 8th.  Our menu is Roast Beef (already purchased), mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans and garden salad.  It is also the last time Chauncey will attend since he is moving into an assisted living center in CDA.  So I need help as usual with:
Mashed potatoes (3 10lb batches)
In the kitchen I will need help with salad prep, gravy making, set-up
Also jello salads seems to hit the spot if anyone is so moved.  
Please let me know what you can do if you can do anything.
This past week was our smallest attendance so far.  34in house, 10 take homes.  Thank you so much Dennis and Don for your wonderful well as all of our bakers.  I think things were very festive even with the small crowd.  Really enjoying this year.  Thanks again.

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