Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Stan Richardson and Chauncey

Update on Stan Richardson:

We had a quick conversation with Vicky as she was walking from the post office, gotta love small towns!

Stan is doing well, still in the hospital but he came out of his 9.5 hour surgery with flying colors. If you want to send cards or letters to Stan his home address is: PO Box 366, Bayview, ID 83803. Stan would love hearing from you all.


I had a brief visit with Chauncey last Wednesday. He is to Mill River Seniors, 3505 N Sunapee Loop, Coeur d’ Alene, ID 83814. The Centers phone number is 446-8337. I am sure that he would for us to keep in touch with him.
Treasuring our elderly or our dear friends is very important to them as well as for us!
Norma Jean

Stan is home. At this time I do not have further information, since Dean is a lousy secretary.

Chauncey is moved and in Coeur d' Alene now.

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