Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Contractors Solicitation for the Bayview Center project.

Bayview Contractors Solicitation Information
Bayview Community Center Addition
March 24, 2014

To: Persons interest in being the Project Contractor for the addition to the Bayview Community Center.

It is the desire and hope of the Bayview Community Center Board that the Contractor (Project Manager) selected to build the addition to the Community Center is a Bayview residents.  We believe that the required skills and talents currently reside in Bayview.  We expect that the Solicitation for Proposal will be publicized in March or early April of 2014 followed closely by Contractor selection and that work will begin in May.  We expect that the project will take three to four months.

The project is funded by both Federal and private sources. Since Public Funding is being used, the project is considered a Public Works Project.  Therefore, in order to become the Project Contractor, Federal and State contracting standards must be met.   These include:

·         The successful contractor must be a Licensed Contractor in the State of Idaho and must have a Public Works License as well.   State and Public Works Contractor Licensing Programs ensure that those performing public works construction in Idaho have the financial wherewithal and technical knowledge and expertise to properly perform in a workman-like manner.  This is done by making sure that all Contractors and Construction Managers performing Public Works Construction in the state are qualified and properly licensed under Idaho’s licensing laws for Public Works Construction.

o    Requirements for a Contractor’s License can be found at the Idaho State web site http://dbs.idaho.gov/contractors.

o   Public Works Licensing requirements are found at   http://dbs.idaho.gov/programs/publicworks.


·         Contractors and their employees must be properly licensed with the Division of Building Safety in order to perform the requested work.

If you have interest in becoming the Contractor (Project Manager), please advise the Center Board so that we may assist you through the process.  Contact any of the Board members listed below:

                                                                Chuck Waller      683-2389
                                                                Tom Lloyd           683-1680
                                                                George Grandy 683-1859

We hope you are successful in your quest to build this addition. Let’s keep this project in Bayview.

This notice has been distributed through the various Bayview email lists. Some local contractors may have been missed. If you know a Bayview contractor ask them if they got the message. If no, pass it along to them.


Tom Lloyd – Board Member
Bayview Community Center
P.O Box 493
Bayview, Idaho 83803

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