Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Dean and Norma Jean's Excellent trip

Our journey is complete. As Dean got out of the car after reaching home he wanted to know when we could go again! I am not much for road trips as I have stated before but this trip turned out well. I still would rather get on a plane and fly, leaving more time to visit with the folks we went to see but that is just me.

The Prius logged 3,768 miles and we spent a total of $302.00. Not bad, all of our other expenses were below budget except for some gifts we purchased and the stop at the wonderful stained glass store in Layton UT. I could have there for hours.

We traveled to Pocatello ID, spent the night, proceeding the next day through Wyoming and then down to Colorado Springs. Lucas our son was a charming host, traveling with us to Cripple Creek. We kept losing him in the Casinos as we found some folks that we used to work with. Johnny Nolon’s is still standing but some of the other favorite Casinos were either closed completely or had been purchased by larger corporations. The day was glorious, traveling to Victor and doing a little metal detecting. Lucas took us to a dispensary for marijuana which was not anything like I expected. The last night there we finally met his girlfriend from Kansas and a couple of my “boys” showed up for dinner. Lucas’ friends wanted to show Mom that they really had turned out all right.

Took two days to travel to Arizona to see my brother. I really enjoyed Gallup New Mexico, the motel was outstanding with excellent staff. The Garman kept going off line, so glad I had a smart phone with me.

The time spent in Scottsdale was pleasant and warm. Dean and I did some swimming, enjoying time spent with my brother Joe and my sister-in-law Betty. Not sure I would enjoy living in Arizona, we were continuously warned about rattlesnakes and javelina’s. I never saw any one of those critters but I took the warnings back with me where they will lay dormant until we travel once again. Loved being with my niece again, memories of times well spent. Joe and family lived in Denver while we were in Colorado Springs, we spent a lot time with them. We would gather for dinners, imbibing in spirits, having a grand time. Joe asked if I remembered the Christmas when he and I just had to have a Christmas goose. We drove all over Denver trying to locate a goose, finally finding one that was very frozen. Oh my was my sister-in-law mad at us! Kim remembers the summer she spent babysitting for us and of course the story of the M.P.’s coming to keep me calm while they explained that Josh had set the field on fire at Ft. Carson. Kim wanted to stay with us, why I will never know.

On the way home we stopped and visited with a dear friend, who has kept me on my Christian path. I met the new dog in the family and visited the town where my friend lives.  In Salt Lake City we met up with the owner of Bayview Scenic Apartments had a nice lunch and then started on our way home again.

Below you can see that Dean continued with hard labor as he cleaned the pool!

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