Friday, February 11, 2011


I was going to write a post and say exactly what was on my mind because no one is reading my blog anyway, lo and behold one of my readers posted a comment so I guess I need to change my tactics.

About a month after I left my previous employment I felt as though I had walked through a door and could finally see. I would like to compare my experience to PTSD but feel that would somehow lessen the seriousness of the disorder that our warriors experience upon rotation back to the "real world."  Since my son-in-law is a retired warrior I have respect for his feelings.

But I keep going back to the thought of how stressed I really was, I am amazed that I stayed with the job as long as I did. I am also amazed that I actually feel like myself again.

I started a new job which is unfortunately in Coeur d' Alene but you know what it is a job. I have had intense training for the past two weeks with folks from all walks of life but all have one thing in common, they needed a job just like me! There are twenty four of us. Young, middle age, and then us older folks trying to learn new skills. All of us are there to help each other. One young man named Garrick looked at me sincerely and said you will be fine Norma Jean, encouragement that I have not experienced in the last two years.

My place of employment encourages "world class customer service." Well when that was said I almost fell out of my chair. Customer service I must in the right place because that is a concept that I have held near and dear to heart for many years.

Next week we go into another phase of training and after the next week we are in another program for two weeks of training. This equals five weeks of intense training and why so much training, well my new organization wants me to succeed. If I am successful, then they are too!

How am I doing in my new job? I have people around who care about me as a person, I receive encouragement, I like all of the people I work with, when I come home my job stays in Coeur d' Alene, I have no problem with ethical issues, and who could ask for more?

Tell we meet again!
Norma Jean

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