Saturday, February 5, 2011

New Job

I started training for a new position that requires commuting to Coeur d' Alene this past week. Frankly I was very grateful to finally land a position that pays fairly well for North Idaho standards. Last night I came home to discover how delightful it can be to return and know that my job has been left in Coeur d' Alene and did not follow me home, as it has in the past. My training period lasts two weeks, what a delight, an organization that takes the time to train employees.

The company I work for is an outsource organization. When outsourcing first started in the 80's jobs were sent overseas. Economically an outcry was heard concerning the unfairness of this new way of doing business. Outsourcing meant losing jobs in the United States. One of the first papers I wrote while pursuing higher education dealt with this new way of doing business. Welcome to the world of the Internet.

But this business is different, the outsourcing is for organizations within the United States, organizations that wish to be more productive and profitable. My new organization provides many jobs for the local economy. I drive from Bayview and several other trainees come from the Spokane area.

I am grateful to have found employment.


  1. Best of Luck on your new job!!!! Linda

  2. Linda give me call again. I tried calling you back it seems like a zillion times.



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