Friday, February 11, 2011

Pats on the Back

I picked up the Bylines or rather the newsletter was emailed to me. I always read the paper each month, never knowing what will be written there. On page four was an article posted about the fundraiser held at an Athol B & B to help the local family in Bayview that was attacked by their neighbor. After I read the article I got to thinking what a nice pat on the back for themselves. The fundraiser was needed and all were thankful for the donations collected but left out were those who flew into action right after the incident.

The incident occurred on December 19th just before we were to fly out and visit family in Virginia for the Christmas holiday. I followed the news on the Internet and via Herb's blog Thanks Herb. By the time I returned I was kind of in the loop.

While we were gone two of Bayviews finest mobilized and placed collection cans around the Bayview and Athol area. They were able to bring cash to the family just before Christmas because of the generous folks that live in our area. A lady stepped up to the plate and contacted WellsFargo in Hayden to set up a bank account for the cash donations that were coming in. A gentleman living near the Wallis family drove down to St Vincent de Pauls and got a voucher for them to use in the store, the Wallis family needed better clothing for court appearances. The community became aware that the family couch still had blood from the incident on it and the carpeting. Not a kind reminder to see on a daily basis and the community of Bayview donated a very nice couch. A need to get Yvonne's car brakes fixed was discovered. Yvonne's neighbor also contacted Victory Auto Parts, Rudy agreed to sell parts at cost so the brakes could be fixed. This neighbor went further and gathered donations for the brake repair, and a donation arrived from a float home owner who lives in England! Eldon at Mr. Tire did the brake work at no charge. Snow tires were found for Yvonne's car. The community of Bayview also located new pajamas for Yvonne, and two robes. Someone left a gas card for them at her home while she was gone. The cans placed around the businesses have been picked up and the money deposited in the bank account for Yvonne and Mike.

I have always known that Bayview was a wonderful place to live, the caring that this community has shown Yvonne Wallis and Michael Heath is phenomenal. I believe in the concept of "paying forward" kindness. This effort was done in the true spirit of Pay It Forward.
Thanks to everyone for their help.

All of you are awesome, especially Vic, Herb, and Judy.

God bless.

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