Thursday, July 7, 2011

Around Town

As Herb so recently pointed out things in Bayview have settled down since our infamous Bayview Daze. Seemed like there were more folks in town this year but I understand that more people did not necessarily mean more sales for the vendors. Not sure whether this was because there were too many folks in town or quite simply the fact that people do not have a great deal of expendable cash.
On Sunday night I grabbed my collection can for the fireworks and worked my way up and down the first hundred feet of Cape Horn Road and Perimeter. Most folks gave what they could, some simply ignored me, and others just did not have any spare change. I thanked those who acknowledged me and asked them to come back again next year! The show as usual was fantastic or at least what I could see of the show. Will I walk up and down Cape Horn again next year, you betcha, me and my rose colored glasses.

Since I recently fried my glasses I am seriously considering ordering a pair of rose colored glasses. I sure like seeing the positive side of life!

In case you had not noticed, Bayview now has banners posted on poles around town. The banners were donated to the Chamber and Vic Woolever, our Vice President of the Chamber climbed a ladder and secured the banners. He is not overly fond of heights. I just want to thank him. He has certainly become a valued addition to our community. If you see him tell him thanks! Funny thing happened and we are not quite sure but the banner on the Chambers light pole located on the corner of Marietta and Main came down, seems kind of strange because that banner was securely attached to the pole, kind makes one wonder if the Grinch is back up to his tricks again. Anyway we figured since the Chamber pays for the light and had the pole installed we could put a banner on the pole. Anyone sees that Grinch running around you might want to ask him!

My friend from Spokane came to visit this past weekend. Chipmunk, Buddy, Sugar, and Bo were all really happy to share "their" room with Tina. It was delight to see her as usual!

Just wanted to say hello!
Oh by the way I think that the Chamber did just fine this past weekend.

Norma Jean and Dean

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