Saturday, July 2, 2011

Saturday July 2, 2011

What a fantastic day! The weather is beautiful, the town not too crowded and the parade was great.
I had fun seeing a lot of old friends today. Actually was privileged to watch the parade this year and actually go pictures around town.

All went well with the BAB's Booth, the Show and Shine went smoothly thanks to Vic, and the Chamber did relatively well considering the location.
We had a couple of glitches with the hosting organization but those things will smooth out.

Dean and I had dinner at The Wheel on Friday night and the food was excellent. After arriving home Chipmunk decided for the third this week to take herself for a walk. I finally caught up to her over on 5th Street, not sure why she would not come to since I have never hurt her, guess she just needed to check town out. If you ever see a white female Siberian Husky loose it is probably Chipmunk. She loves people and is very friendly, I should be following behind her shortly!

Norma Jean

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