Saturday, July 16, 2011

Full Moon and Other Stuff

On my way to work the other I got the pleasure of seeing the full moon setting in the west, what a gorgeous site. I was geared for full moon craziness at work but the day seemed to slide by pleasantly.

I see my fawn is still crossing Highway 54 following its mother. I happened to be driving by shortly after the fawn was born. Mom was nudging the baby across the road. I sure hope no one hits my fawn, while we have not had the chance to have many conversations, I get a particular delight when I see the pair early in the morning.

We had visitors not too long ago. Dean was working at The Wheel when our former boss came strolling in. Seems "Big Bob" Konczak and his lovely wife Marcia were traveling back home to Colorado from a fantastic trip in Alaska. They thought they would stop by and have a green chili burrito. Unfortunately Dean was still in transition, breakfast had not started yet at The Wheel. Bob and Marcia became like family to us as we worked 5 years for them in a Casino known as Johnny Nolon's located in the small mining town of Cripple Creek Colorado.

Dean and I have been so very lucky through out our lives to have so many people we care about. Seeing Bob again brought tears to our eyes. All of our children and the Konczak children worked at Johnny Nolon's. Small communities bring close friends and build strong ties.

As I accessed the Internet this evening I noticed a story concerning a small North Idaho community. Seems this morning Scott found a six foot tall gold Egyptian mummy case on the roof of the Mercantile. Speculations are the mummy case may be an anniversary gift. Who knows, maybe it was the Grinch again!!

All for now and those of you who enjoyed Dean's Green Chili Burrito can find the item at The Wheel.
The Wheel has fantastic food and a wonderful group of employees.

Norma Jean

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