Friday, August 12, 2011

Around the Town of Bayview

As many know by now Dean decided that he did not need to work anymore. He has officially put in for his retirement and we await the first check from Social Security. There comes a time in every one's life when it is necessary to decide whether putting up with other's baloney is really needed. We decided that it was time to move on and expand our horizon's. Or maybe just stay home at least for now.

Dean has been busy finishing projects around the house that neither of us could find the time to complete. He is planning a yard sale for Labor Day weekend. Treasures are available for all. We are selling our German Schrank that we have been carting around for decades. You might want to swing by the house and see if there is anything you would like to purchase. 34417 N Robin Lane, right across from the Community Center

I attended the latest Bayview Chamber of Commerce meeting. The main topic of discussion was the street lights that the Chamber is paying for here in Bayview.  No conclusion has been decided. On the next agenda will be the topic of Bayview Daze. Some feel the event should be moved to another month, as for me I believe the tradition has been established for the July 4th weekend. I feel strongly that we should continue with the tradition. Sentiments that I had voiced at a previous meeting surfaced this last meeting, the July 4th celebration is really not about personalities but instead a celebration of our freedom and recognition of those who fought for our right to express our opinions.  I will say this again Bayview needs to pull together, we are a community that was built on enjoying where we live, not a place to argue.

Also the Chamber will be electing three positions this year.  It was decided last year to elect the full board and then hold an election for Vice-President, Treasurer, and Member at Large.
I nominate Vic for Vice President!

As a side the day after Dean left The Wheel, the kitchen manager walked out. He is presently working for the Dean's who are leasing three properties from Scenic Bay Marina, Henry and Cheryl currently are leasing The Patio, The Hook, and now The Bay Cafe. The former kitchen manager from The Wheel is working at the Cafe. 

Norma Jean and
God Bless You All

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