Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Albeni Falls Pipes and Drums at the Kroc Center

A Message from Ed Gould:

   Just received the ticketing information about the Albeni Falls Pipes and Drums "Piping for Princes" Show.  You may begin telling friends and relatives and even total strangers about the upcoming program at the CdA Kroc Center on February 22nd at 7pm.  Tickets are $15 for 13-59 years of age and $12 for youth under 13 or Seniors 60 and up.   Seating is limited and the Kroc center is advertising for us, too, so let your friends know not to delay in getting their tickets.   I'm excited to get this opportunity to demonstrate the talent of this group.  We are so blessed!  Piping, drumming, dancing, fiddling, tin whistle, singing, clogging, and the usual silliness that goes along with it all whenever this group gets together!   It's going to be great! 
    The ticketing information is now up and live. Tickets can be purchased on line through the Kroc Center website under the "calendar overview" drop down by just scrolling down to the February 22 date.  They can also be purchased at the Kroc Center front desk if you are in the area.
Here is a direct link for ticket purchase below...


    Please spread the word that this is a fundraiser and we are a 501c3 non profit group so the tickets and any donations are deductible.  There is nothing we would love more than to fill the house!

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