Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Stained Glass, Retirement and LOU

I was asked today at LOU if I was doing any stained glass now that I am retired. Yes got several projects in mind and currently I am working on a small project that had not been completed for my former boss. The project while seemingly simple is proving to be a little more complex than I had previously envisioned!  I am also gathering materials for a larger project that will take some time to complete.

While seeking some answers on the Internet for my questions, oh I so love having resources at the tips of my fingers, I came across a blog about STAINED GLASS! I get thrilled easily and maybe that is because I gave up drinking years ago. Once I quit I found so many small aspects of life to enjoy, stained glass work being one of many.

Someone asked why I love the art. I love the color of the glass, the feel of the glass, and the end of the project when all pieces are put together, cleaned, and shined and the glass becomes alive. Not sure where this will lead me, probably into bankruptcy!

I have other things I want to do. Again my dear friend from years ago encouraged me to start writing again. She seems to feel this is what I am being lead to do and that may be true. I recently finished reading “The Death of the Great Santini”. I have been reading Pat Conroy for years as well as Anne Rivers Siddons. There is something magical with Southern writers and the manner in which words are strung together to form visual thoughts that simply fascinates me.

Pat Conroy had a rough childhood with a father that most would consider abusive. Reading “The Death” I was hit particularly hard with his words and memories of his father and how Pat came to terms with his past making a final connection with his Dad. My sister never forgave my father, he was hard. During his fight with cancer I helped take care Dad, I realize now that time I took for him is what smoothed the past for us. My sister never had the opportunity, she died still being angry with Dad. Reading Pat’s thoughts and feeling provided  understanding  for me that might be material for further written ramblings. I am not sure but I think now I have time to do what I seem to need to do.

But you know then there is the garden that will need planting and seeds, a grow light, flowers for the deck and the Apartments ….

Norma Jean

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