Monday, January 13, 2014

Chamber of Commerce Agenda 1/14/2014

Bayview Chamber of Commerce
January 14, 2014

1. Opening

a. Call to order at 7:00pm
b. Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag
             c. Welcome members and guests
             e. Approval of Minutes from previous meeting (12/10/2013)
             d. Approval of current Agenda

2. Primary Topic:

 Local Business recognized for the year 2013

3. Announcements and Correspondence:

            a.   Members Announcements        

            b.   Website update

                                1) Standing Rules, Membership Application/dues, Reader Board with new                                                      rates, and budget now stand current.
                        2) Latest Sheriffs report.

            c.  Keep It In Kootenai from Jai Nelson

                        1) Commissioner Jai Nelson is looking for participants.

4. Reports

a. Treasures report (separate handout).
b. Bayview Daze - Marsha Ritzheimer
c. Breakfasts – Norma Jean Knowles
d. Bayview Daze Raffle & Reader board – Bruce & Judy Robinson
f. Bayview Park and Farragut Communications-Chuck Murray.
             g. DAC, & Fisheries -Tom Lloyd

5. Business

a. Old business

b. New business

                        1) Volunteer to chair in search for speakers for the Chamber meetings.
                        2) Volunteer to chair Christmas Raffle

6. Chamber activities

            a.) Christmas Party Pictures
            b.) Suggestions?

7.  Tentative Schedule of upcoming Speakers:

February 2014   - Deputy Solar Larson

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